Market participants

AGGM services for the gas industry

As a market area and distribution area manager, AGGM provides numerous services for all market participants in the Austrian gas industry.

With the AGGM platform, a digital one-stop-shop solution has been created for all the needs of market participants.

Here, registrations of market participants can be made, the balancing messages and the balance group status can be displayed in the login area and further actions can be taken for activities in the Austrian gas market.

Suppliers and BGR

The registration of new market participants, the EIC application and the services of the AGGM platform.
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Distribution system operator

The grid access portal, grid energy procurement and utility management in detail.
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EIC allocation

An Energy Identification Code (EIC) is assigned to a specific object (System operator, balance group representatives, Supplier, balance group, Market Area, etc.). As the Local Issuing Office (LIO), AGGM is responsible for issuing EICs in the Austrian market areas. EICs can be applied for online via the AGGM platform.

Data exchange

A strictly formalised and automated exchange of data takes place between the players involved in the Austrian gas market in order to handle the gas flows. The market participants are: AGGM, transmission and distribution system operators, balancing groups, suppliers as well as the operators of the virtual trading points (VHP).

Since 1 October 2022, the dispatch of SLP forecasts has been switched exclusively to Edigas (ALOCAT 4.0/5.1 or MARSIT) via AS4. In addition, there is the possibility to handle the SLP dispatch via EDA.

Data transmission is set up, among other things, during registration as a market participant.

The AGGM platform

The service tool for all market participants is the AGGM platform.

Comprehensive market data is published in the public domain.

  • The Austria map provides a quick overview of the current gas flows in Austria. For detailed information you can click on the respective entry and exit points.
  • The data monitor offers comprehensive and detailed data on the gas situation, including the respective gas storage levels in Austria and neighboring countries for selected periods.
  • An API token can be applied for to automatically retrieve market area data via XML API.
  • All active market participants (BGV, suppliers, network operators) are listed.
  • All active EI codes assigned by AGGM are listed

The registration of new market participants and the EIC application are also carried out here.

Market participants can manage their balance groups, utility accounts and company data in their personal account.