Entry & Exit

Entry and exit of gas in Austria

An entry-exit system for the entry and exit of gas forms the basis of the Austrian gas market model. This ensures non-discriminatory access to the gas market for all market participants.

At entry and exit points, capacities can be booked and traded independently of each other. The booked capacities authorise the entry and exit of gas into and from a market area. The delivery at entry points and the withdrawal at exit points can also be carried out independently of each other.

AGGM coordinates all gas transports and thus enables the smooth functioning of the entry-exit system. AGGM also actively balances the Austrian market area with physical balancing energy if necessary.

Entry and exit data on the AGGM platform

The AGGM platform provides comprehensive data on the entry and exit of gas in the transmission and distribution network.

Network access in the distribution area

The capacities for the distribution area are allocated by AGGM in a non-discriminatory manner in the network access and capacity management.

AGGM receives network access applications from end customers, storage operators and gas and biogas producers directly from the network operators via the AGGM network access portal and the EnergyLINK platform.

In AGGM's network access portal, balance responsible parties (BGR) or registered network customers can make online capacity bookings at cross-border interconnection points in the Eastern distribution area. BGRs can also change the allocation method for end customers (25 to 300 MWh/h) in the network access portal.

Network access portal

AGGM also provides exit capacities from the upstream German transmission systems for the Tyrol and Vorarlberg market areas. This enables barrier-free access to the German market area Trading Hub Europe (THE) for end customers in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. It is not necessary to book entry capacities for the supply of end customers in the Tyrol and Vorarlberg market areas.



For questions regarding the booking situation at the entry and exit points in the distribution area, please contact Mr Helmut Wernhart.