Network planning

Planning & optimisation of the gas grids

AGGM prepares two network development plans on a biennial basis: the Coordinated Network Development Plan (CNDP) and the Long-Term and integrated Planning (LTiP).

CNDP and LTiP form the basis for the development of the Austrian gas grids for a climate-neutral energy system. The network development plans record measures to optimise the gas infrastructure and ensure security of supply for the coming decades. To this end, CNDP and LTiP provide information on national and cross-border investment projects for securing and sustainably covering transport capacities for methane and hydrogen.

With the network development planning, AGGM provides market participants with information on which infrastructures need to be created in the coming years, which investments will be made and which timetable is planned for them.

Coordinated Network Development Plan

The Coordinated Network Development Plan (CNDP) deals with the Austrian transmission network running through the Market area East. As Market area Manager, AGGM is responsible for submitting a CNDP for the next ten years at least every two years in cooperation with the transmission system operators.

The CNDP provides information on specific national and cross-border investment projects for the Austrian transmission system. The general objective of the CNDP is to give the market an outlook on the planned future network expansion and to provide indications for the development of the transport market and the security of supply in Austria.

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The Long-Term and integrated Planning

The  Long-Term and integrated Planning (LTiP) deals with distribution network level 1 in all Austrian market areas. As the distribution area manager, AGGM is responsible for submitting an LTiP for the coming decades at least every two years.

The basic objectives of the LTiP are:

  • Ensuring the supply of end consumers
  • Achieving a high level of available transport capacity
  • Enabling the injection and supply of renewable gases
  • Determining the capacity requirements at the entry and exit points to the transmission network as well as to the storage facilities

In particular, the realisation of Austria's climate neutrality by 2040 is the focus of the LTiP. To this end, the maintenance and further development of the grid for renewable gases is planned in the long term until 2050 in close coordination with APG's electricity grid development plan.

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