Security of supply

Secure gas supply in Austria

Securing the Austrian gas supply is one of AGGM's core competencies. As market area and distribution area manager, it plays a central role in the daily maintenance of network stability. AGGM is responsible for monitoring the supply situation and assumes important tasks in emergency situations. Current market data on storage levels and gas flows in Austria are published around the clock on the AGGM-Platform.

In April 2022, AGGM was commissioned by the Austrian federal government to procure a strategic gas reserve to secure the gas supply. In the daily situation report, AGGM provides ongoing information on the current gas supply situation.

Measures for a secure gas supply

  • Forward planning of grid expansion
  • Capacity procurement in the upstream networks
  • Preparation of the capacity statement for entry and exit points in the market area
  • Coordination of maintenance planning
  • Confirmation of network access requests in the distribution area
  • Conscientious network control of the distribution area in the operational business
  • Balancing energy management in the market areas
  • Congestion management according to the national emergency plan
Situation report on gas supply

On 30 March 2022, the competent authorities declared the early warning level in Austria. In accordance with the EU Security of Gas Supply Regulation (EU 2017/1938), AGGM publishes a daily situation report on the current supply situation, the price situation on the gas markets and the gas storage level.

Market data on gas supply

The AGGM platform provides an overview of the current situation of the Austrian gas supply around the clock. The current transport flows at the entry and exit points can be seen on the Austria map. The data monitor shows, among other things, the respective gas storage levels in Austria and the neighbouring countries for selected periods.


Strategic Gas Reserve

To secure Austria's gas supply, AGGM was commissioned by the federal government in spring 2022 to procure and manage a strategic gas reserve. In the course of two tenders, 20 TWh of gas were obtained, 8.5 TWh of which came from non-Russian sources. These will be available as a strategic gas reserve from 1 November 2022. The Austrian federal government's goal was thus achieved in full.

The National Gas Emergency Plan

AGGM plays a central role in the national gas emergency plan (only German) of the BMK (Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology).

The data reports from market participants and system operators are made via AGGM in accordance with the Natural Gas Energy Data Ordinance (G-EnlD-VO 2017). As market and distribution area manager, AGGM evaluates these data reports on an ongoing basis. If necessary, this triggers a national alert chain. In a tense supply situation, the competent authorities issue instructions which are implemented by AGGM. If a crisis level exists, additional Europe-wide information flows are set in motion.



If you have any questions about the security of supply, the site plan, the gas reserve and the energy data reports, AGGM will be happy to provide you with information at any time.