Our mission

Hub of the Austrian gas industry

Since its foundation in 2003, AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management AG has been responsible for the management of the Austrian gas grids as an independent system operator. In the integrated activity of market area manager (market area East) and distribution area manager (market areas East, Tyrol, Vorarlberg) AGGM ensures the proper functioning of the gas market throughout Austria.

As market and distribution area manager, we ensure a secure, sustainable and transparent gas supply.


Competence center for the gasmarket

Security of supply & gas network control

The control of gas flows in the Austrian gas networks and the safeguarding of gas supply are core competencies of AGGM. As an independent system operator, it ensures that the gas fed into the networks by the market participants reliably reaches the end customers. To ensure that the gas network functions stably around the clock, AGGM makes sure that sufficient balancing energy is always available. In April 2022, AGGM was commissioned by the Austrian federal government to procure and manage a strategic gas reserve to secure the national gas supply.
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Energy transition & climate-neutral gases

The promotion of renewable gases and the planning of a sustainable infrastructure are fundamental goals of AGGM. Feed-in concepts for renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen as well as the future rededication of existing gas pipelines for the transport of hydrogen are important planning bases for this. As a co-creator of a climate-neutral future, AGGM has launched a number of initiatives to identify ways and opportunities for realizing the energy system turnaround.
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Transparency & communication

As a competence center for the Austrian gas industry, AGGM provides comprehensive information on infrastructure and market processes. With the AGGM platform, a transparent communication portal has been created that makes all relevant data of the Austrian gas market publicly available. For all market participants, AGGM offers an important service platform and promotes constructive cooperation and open dialog with regular information events.
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Distribution Area Manager

Market areas East, Tyrol, Vorarlberg

  • Gas flow control
  • Crisis management in congestion situations
  • Network access and capacity management
  • Long-term and integrated planning


Market area management

Market Area East

  • Market area balancing
  • Coordinated network development planning
  • Coordinated maintenance
  • Creation of a capacity calculation model

Legal mandate

AGGM's central areas of responsibility are defined by national and European legal provisions for the liberalized gas market.