Information for the gas market

The transparent communication of industry-relevant information is one of the most important goals of AGGM.

With the AGGM platform, a transparency portal has been created that makes comprehensive and detailed data of the Austrian gas market publicly available. After the System operators have provided data, AGGM publishes it on the platform and offers it for download.

AGGM promotes constructive cooperation and open dialogue in the Austrian gas industry with regular information events.

In line with our transparency agenda, we make all data of the Austrian gas market publicly available.

The AGGM platform

Market data in the public sector

  • The Austria map provides a quick overview of the current situation in the Austrian gas market. For detailed information, click on the respective entry and exit points.
  • The AGGM data monitor offers a comprehensive and detailed data situation on the Austrian natural gas situation, including storage information of neighbouring countries.
  • Application for API access data for the automatic retrieval of market area data in the public domain
    Lists of all active market participants (BGR, suppliers, network operators)
  • A list of all EI codes currently assigned by AGGM

Important data on the Market Area Status are published in the public Data Monitor on the AGGM platform:

AGGM platform

Monthly consumption AT in consumption groups
AGGM Data Monitor

Storage and filling level Austria
AGGM Data Monitor

National Production (incl. Biomethan)
AGGM Data Monitor

Entry/Exit Italy allocated
AGGM Data Monitor

Import Germany allocated
AGGM Data Monitor

Import Slovakia allocated
AGGM Data Monitor

Maintenance information

Capacity restrictions at entry and exit points due to maintenance measures are published by AGGM on the REMIT platform of Central European Gas Hub (CEGH).

Market participants from all over Europe publish Urgent Market Messages (UMM) on CEGH's REMIT platform in accordance with the EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (EU 1227/2011).



How is the data monitor operated?