Energy transition

The energy transition in the pipeline

Austria has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2040 at the latest.

Currently, about 80% of greenhouse gas emissions in Austria are caused by the transport, building, energy and industry sectors and thus come from the energy system. In order to drive decarbonisation forward, the course for a sustainable energy system turnaround must be set today.

As an innovative co-designer of the Austrian energy infrastructure, it is the responsibility of AGGM to point out possibilities and ways for a climate-neutral future. To this end, AGGM has launched a series of initiatives to find solutions on how a sustainable energy system turnaround can be achieved quickly and in an economically efficient manner.

Our initiatives for climate neutral energy


Model for an optimised 100% climate-neutral, decarbonised energy system in 2040.
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H2 Roadmap

A hydrogen roadmap for Austria - H2 demand and infrastructure until 2050.
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A digital map with the optimal feed-in points for renewable gases.
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