Gas market

The Austrian gas supply

The Austrian gas market was liberalised in 2002. Since then end customers have been free to choose their gas supplier. In the course of the liberalisation of the gas market, the balance group model was introduced in Austria. AGGM is responsible for the administration of the balancing groups.

Since 2013, the Austrian gas market has been divided into three market areas: East, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. AGGM acts as market area manager for the East market area and as distribution area manager for the East, Tyrol and Vorarlberg market areas.

Market model

The processes of the Austrian gas market in all market areas: East, Tyrol, Vorarlberg.
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The Austrian balancing model incl. balancing energy procurement.
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Entry & Exit

An entry-exit system enables the entry and exit of gas in the Austrian gas market.
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Local Issuing Office (LIO)

As LIO AGGM is responsible for issuing EICs in the Austrian market areas.
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legal mandate

AGGM's central areas of responsibility are defined by national and European legal provisions for the liberalised gas market.