Long-term and integrated planning

As the distribution area manager, AGGM prepares the long-term and integrated planning (LTiP) for level 1 of the distribution network infrastructure of the Austrian market areas (East, Tyrol and Vorarlberg) on a biennial basis. The planning period of the LTiP currently extends to the year 2040 with a view to 2050.

The long-term and integrated planning provides the basis for the efficient transformation of the energy system by creating and maintaining the necessary transport infrastructure for renewable gases (biomethane & hydrogen). A complete decarbonisation of the
Austrian energy system cannot be implemented without a functioning gas infrastructure.

The legal basis for network development planning by AGGM are § 18 and § 22 of the Gas Industry Act (GWG 2011).

The LTiP is publicly consulted prior to submission to E-Control. After approval by E-Control, the LTiP and the notice and submission version are published by AGGM.

Targets of the LTiP

  • Meeting the demand for transport capacities to supply end consumers, taking into account emergency scenarios.
  • Enabling the feed-in and supply of renewable gases
  • Achieving a high degree of availability of transport capacity (security of supply of the infrastructure)
  • Capacity requirements at entry and exit points to the transmission network and storage facilities
  • Consistency with the Community-wide Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) and the Coordinated Network Development Plan (KNEP)
  • Compliance with the infrastructure standard according to Art. 5 of Regulation (EU) 2017/1938
  • Transparency and traceability with regard to planned and already decided network expansions and network upgrades, including the schedule of investment projects

Long-term & integrated planning 2022

Planned period: 2023 - 2040+
7 Distribution system operator
2,000 km of level 1 distribution lines
Market areas East, Tyrol & Vorarlberg

Procedure for LFiP preparation 2022

Data collection

The data for the sales model and the requirements at the entry and exit points were collected. Additionally submitted capacity expansion requests were included in the long-term and integrated planning 2022.


The sales model and the reference model were created on the basis of the data provided. Hydraulic simulations were used to check whether all end customers in the distribution area and the demanded capacities at the entry and exit points can be supplied.


The consultation on the LTiP 2022 took place from 09.01.2023 to 29.01.2023. The comments of the market participants will be published by AGGM.


E-Control issued the decision on the LFiP 2022 on 6 July 2023.


Austrian Gas Infrastructure Day

The LTiP 2022 was presented to the market participants at the Austrian Gas Infrastructure Day.
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