Coordinated Network Development Plan

As market area manager, AGGM prepares a Coordinated Network Development Plan (CNDP) on a biennial basis for the planning and optimisation of the Austrian transmission infrastructure. The KNEP covers a planning period of at least ten years and relates exclusively to the Market Area East, which is the only one with transmission lines.

The preparation of the CNDP takes into account technical and economic expediency, climate neutrality in 2040, the interests of all market participants and coherence with the Community-wide Network Development Plan (TYNDP) and the Integrated Network Development Plan (INDP).

The legal basis for the network development planning by AGGM are § 14 and § 63 of the Gas Industry Act (GWG 2011). The preparation of the NIP is carried out jointly with the Austrian transmission system operators and takes into account the Long Term and Integrated Planning (LTiP).

The CNDP is subject to public consultation prior to submission to E-Control. After approval by E-Control, the CNDP and the decision and submission version are published by AGGM.

Targets of the CNDP

  • Meeting the demand for pipeline capacities to supply end consumers, taking into account emergency scenarios.
  • Realisation of Austria's climate neutrality by 2040 through the further development of the Austrian transmission network
  • Integration of the energy sector taking into account the high value of gaseous energy sources and by linking different energy sources and sectors
  • Achieving a high degree of availability of pipeline capacity (security of supply of infrastructure)
  • Meeting transport needs
  • Obligation to meet the infrastructure standard according to Art. 6 of Regulation (EU) No. 994/2010

Coordinated Network Development Plan 2022

Planned period: 2023 - 2032
2 Transmission system operators
1,700 km transmission network
556 MW Compressor capacity
Market Area East

Process of the CNDP preparation 2022

Data collection

The capacity scenario for the Coordinated Network Development Plan 2022 was prepared on the basis of the latest CAM NC survey and agreed with the regulatory authority E-Control Austria.

Non-binding capacity requests from network users and project notifications from adjacent network operators can be submitted to the transmission system operators Gas Connect Austria GmbH and Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH on an ongoing basis.


In the course of planning, projects were developed to provide the requested capacities.


The consultation on the CNDP 2022 took place from 09.01.2023 to 29.01.2023. The comments of the market participants are published by AGGM.


E-Control issued the notice on the KNEP 2022 on 1 June 2023.


Austrian Gas Infrastructure Day

The CNDP 2022 was presented to the market participants at the Austrian Gas Infrastructure Day.
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