Suppliers & BGR

The AGGM platform as a service portal

As a central contact point, AGGM is responsible for the registration of suppliers and balance group representatives (BGR) in all Austrian market areas (East, Tyrol and Vorarlberg). The information of the market participants are managed centrally and exchanged with the system operators via interface. 

One-Stop-Shop for all market participants 

  • Registration form for suppliers & balance group representatives from all market areas
  • Allocation of Energy Identification Codes (EICs)
  • Services of the AGGM account for BGR: balancing group representatives, balancing messages, private data monitor, etc.)
  • Services of the AGGM account for suppliers: supplier account management, BGR-switch, choose grid, etc.


Registration of new market participants

The initial registration of new suppliers and balance group representatives is managed centrally via the AGGM platform in all market areas (East, Tyrol and Vorarlberg). 

To actively participate in the Austrian gas market, either a registration as balance group representatives or the use of a balance group service is required.

Registration on the AGGM platform requires the provision of an Energy Identification Code (EIC). Suppliers and BGRs require an EIC of type X for this purpose. If an EIC is not yet available, it can be requested during the registration process or directly via the AGGM platform.

AT numbers serve as, supplier accounts for brand separation. AT numbers are allocated by the clearing entities: AGCS in the Market Area East and A&B in the Market Areas Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

The registration explained step by step

Supplier registration

BGR registration (MA East)

BGR registration (MA Tyrol & Vorarlberg)


General information

To register as a BGR or supplier, you need a international EI X-Code. If your company is based in Austria, the AGGM as Local Issuing Office (LIO) will issue it. Non-Austrian companies must contact the respective national LIO.

To obtain access data to the personal account of the AGGM platform, the registration form must be filled out and submitted. After activation, the user can add themselves to an existing organisation in the Login area.

Public market area data and private balance group data can be combined and displayed in the data monitor. AGGM provides the balance group status data and allocation status data of BGR for all market areas.

In the Login area under: My Profile > Change Master Data.
For company name changes or changes to the company structure, which affect the UID number for example, please write a message to the market area manager.

The status of your registration can be viewed on the AGGM platform under Admin Area > Registration Status.

In the login area, a message must be sent to AGGM with the information and the end date. AGGM then coordinates the termination process and informs all system operators and E-Control of the termination.

A user can start the activity expansion in the Login area under My Profile.


  • General functions: Company information changes, send message to AGGM, activity extension
  • Dashboard
  • Managing of supplier accounts (SA)
  • Create new supplier accounts (SA)
  • Start BGR switch
  • Choose grid

In the Login area, the application can be submitted to the respective provider account: Admin Area > Administration > SA-Administration.
A drop-down list shows all available, active BGRs.

In the Login area, another Y-code can be requested for a new provider account: Admin Area > Administration > SA-Administration. Also an additional AT number by the respective clearing entity has to be provided.

Yes, another grid operator can be selected in the Login area: Admin Area > Administration > Grid.

The grid operator must confirm the supplier. Subsequently, the clearing entity is automatically informed and the new components are created.

Balance group representatives

  • General functions: Master data changes, send message to AGGM, activity extension
  • BG/Sub-BG administration: apply for additional BGs, edit BG members
  • Accept and edit supplier account (SA)
  • Balancing messages
  • Publish balancing data (data monitor) - Change allocation method of end customers (EC)
  • Dashboard

For another balance group / sub-balance group, an EIC of type Y must be requested in the Login area.

In the Login area, all BGs/sub-BGs are displayed and can be edited: BG-Administration > select applicable BG/sub-BG > add member. Here the EI X-Code, the company name of the member and the valid-from date must be entered (Valid-to is optional). By default, the valid-to date is the validity of the BGR. The assignment is for the transfer of capacities also in the booking platforms of the respective transmission system operator (TSOs) visible.

The deletion can be initiated in the login area under BG administration. The trash can symbol opens the dialog window and an end date can be selected. The approval for deletion is given by AGGM.

You will either receive accounting messages automatically via AS4 or they can be downloaded in the login area under >BG status.

To disable automatic email notification, perform a master data change that changes the format of BG status messages from Web to AS4.

The BG status from the balancing messages can be displayed in a table in the data monitor.



If you have any questions about the AGGM platform, market participant registration, the balance group service or the allocation of EI codes, AGGM will be happy to provide you with information at any time.