Distribution system operator

A person or company responsible for the distribution of gas in a given area. It takes care of the operation, maintenance and expansion of the distribution network as well as the connections to other networks. Its aim is to ensure that there is enough gas to meet demand.



One-Stop-Shop for all market participants  

  • Registration form for market participants from all market areas
  • Allocation of Energy Identification Codes (EICs)
  • Functions in the AGGM account for distribution system operators: company master data changes, acceptance of suppliers in the network, download of the operator XML with the components and the supplier XML with the supplier-BG assignments
  • Jump to the network access portal and to project management through single-sign-on

Market data in the public sector

  • The Austria map provides a quick overview of the current situation in the Austrian gas market. For detailed information, click on the respective entry and exit points. 
  • The AGGM data monitor offers a comprehensive and detailed data situation on the Austrian gas situation, including storage information of neighbouring countries.
  • Application for API access data for the automatic retrieval of market area data in the public domain
  • Lists of all active market participants (BGV, suppliers, network operators)
  • A list of all EI codes currently assigned by AGGM


The AGGM partner portal

Distribution system operators can use the AGGM partner portal to forward network access requests from end customers, storage operators and gas and biogas producers directly to AGGM.

Balancing group representatives (BGR) and registered network customers can book capacity at cross-border transfer points in the Eastern distribution area online in AGGM's partner portal. BGRs can also change the allocation method for end customers (25 to 300 MWh/h) in the partner portal.

Grid energy procurement

AGGM provides an information platform for grid energy procurement. Access is only possible for registered users.

Grid energy procurement

Good to know:

Network operators can use the login area of the AGGM platform for general functions such as company master data changes. In addition, suppliers can be accepted in the network, the operator XML with the components and the supplier XML with the supplier-BG allocations can be downloaded. A single sign-on allows a jump to the partner portal and to project management.

All suppliers assigned to the network are listed in the login area under Admin Area > Administration > Network Management.

For detailed instructions, please read the guide.

In the login area under Admin Area > Administration > Network Management, the Operator XML is offered for download.

The instructions for registering a new user on the AGGM platform can be found here.

No, AGGM provides a single-sign-on.

In the login area under "Partner Portal" is the jump to the partner portal.

In the login area under "Partner Portal" > Project Management.

For a detailed description and instructions of the dashboard, please read the guide.



For registration on the information platform for grid energy procurement and as a contact person for the concerns of distribution system operators, please contact Mr Johannes Misensky.