Long-term planning

In accordance with legislation in force since 21 November 2011, Austrian Gas Grid Management AG (AGGM) is obliged to prepare a long-term plan at least once a year in accordance with section 18 (1) (11) in conjunction with section 22 GWG for the distribution area in line with the aims of the section 22 (1) GWG. The objective of long-term planning is to plan the distribution systems in accordance with Annex 1 to the GWG with regard to

  • covering the demand for transport capacity to supply consumers while considering emergency scenarios
  • achieving a high level of system availability
  • addressing the capacity needs at the internal interconnection points with the transmission network and at storage-related entry/exit points and
  • ensuring consistency with the Community-wide network development plan and the coordinated network development plan according to section 63 et seq. GWG
  • complying with the infrastructure standard according to Article 6 Regulation (EU) No 994/2010 in the market area
  • increasing transparency for the market with respect to planned and already decided system expansions and development measures, including the planned timing of such investment projects.

2019 long term plan

Data Acquisition 

The data for the consumption model and the demands at the entry/exit points were collected. Additional capacity expansion applications, which were submitted until the 5th of Mai 2019, were taken into account in the 2019 long term plan.


Based on the gathered data, the consumption model and the supply model were built. By carrying out hydraulic simulations it was checked whether all end consumers and all requested Entry and Exit capacities can be properly supplied.


The consultation of the 2019 long term plan took place in the period from the 7th of October 2019 until the 25thof October 2019. 
Please find attached the report of the 2019 long term plan edition 1 (edition for the consultation of AGGM) and the opinions.

Austrian Gas Infrastructure Day

On the Austrian Gas Infrastructure Day (AGID)

which took place on 15th of October 2019, the results of the 2019 long term planning  and the 2019 Coordinated network development plan were presented to the market participants. Two guest lectures on the topic of sector coupling have highlighted the future challenges of infrastructure planning.


It is planned that E-Control Austria will issue the notification for the 2019 long term plan at the end of December 2019.

2018 long-term planning

E-Control Austria approved the 2018 long-term planning on 20 December 2018 by notice. 

The consultation of the 2018 long-term planning took place between 17 October 2018 and 9 November 2018. The consultation version and the opinions are published below:

The results of 2018 the long-term planning were presented to the market participants on the 16 October 2018 as part of the Austrian Gas Infrastructure Development Day (AGIDD).

2014 – 2017 long-term planning

The long-term planning of the past periods, the corresponding decision of the Energie-Control Austria, as well as the presentations of the planning conferences and the consultations are listed in the following table.

For reasons of transparency, AGGM publishes the decision of Energie-Control Austria on long-term planning, whereby confidential information on the protection of company and business secrets was made unrecognizable.


Decisions oft the 
E-Control Austria

Long-Term Plans


LTP 2017

Bescheid für die Langfristige Planung 2017 der Energie-Control Austria vom20.12.2017 

Beilage "Langfristige Planung 2017 für die Erdgas Verteilernetzinfrastruktur in Österreich für den Zeitraum 2018 bis 2027, Ausgabe 2.2 vom 28.11.2017“

AGGM Präsentation Planungskonferenz 2017 (5.9.2017)

LTP 2016

Bescheid für die Langfristige Planung 2016 der Energie-Control Austria vom 23.9.2016 

Beilage "Langfristige Planung 2016 für die Erdgas Verteilernetzinfrastruktur in Österreich für den Zeitraum 2017 bis 2026, Ausgabe 2 vom 22.7.2016“

AGGM Präsentation Planungskonferenz 2016 (29. Juni 2016)

LTP 2015

Bescheid für die Langfristige Planung 2015 der Energie-Control Austria vom 27.10.2015 

Beilage "Langfristige Planung 2015 für die Erdgas Verteilernetzinfrastruktur in Österreich für den Zeitraum 2016 bis 2025

AGGM Präsentation Planungskonferenz 2015  (1.Juli 2015)

LTP 2014

Bescheid für die Langfristige Planung 2014 der Energie-Control Austria vom 7.11.2014

Beilage "Langfristige Planung 2014 für die Erdgas Verteilernetzinfrastruktur in Österreich für den Zeitraum 2015 bis 2024


AGGM Präsentation Planungskonferenz 2014 (26.6.2014)