Executive Board Division II

Executive Board Division II, headed by Bernhard Painz, is divided into the System Access & Capacities and Legal & Compliance departments. Central areas of responsibility are, for example, the management of network access, the administration of the network access portal and the publication of the annual network development plans (Coordinated Network Development Plan & Long-Term and Integrated Planning).

Mag. Bernhard Painz Vorstand AGGM
Mag. Bernhard Painz

Executive Board Member

Alexandra Reznicek Assistenz für den Vorstandsbereich II AGGM
Alexandra Reznicek

Assistant - Executive Board, SC, LC

DI (FH) Peter Jurik Regulatorische Angelegenheiten & Kommunikation AGGM
DI (FH) Peter Jurik

Regulatory Affairs and Communication

Legal & Compliance

Mag. Ute Gerrit Höfer LL.M. Abteilungsleiterin Recht & Compliance AGGM
Mag. Gerrit Höfer, LL.M.

Head of Legal & Compliance

Eric Gilhaus M.B.L.-HSG Jurist & Datenschutzbeauftragter AGGM
Eric Gilhaus, M.B.L.-HSG

Senior Legal counsel, Data protection officer


Legal & Compliance

  • Legal support
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Corporate Law
  • Compliance
  • Contract Management
DI Helmut Wernhart Teamleiter Infrastrukturentwicklung AGGM
DI Helmut Wernhart

Head of Department System Access & Capacities

DI Vartan Awetisjan, MSc. Infrastrukturentwicklung AGGM
DI Vartan Awetisjan, MSc.

Team Lead Infrastructure Development

Mag. Lukas Baumgartner Kapazitätsmanagement AGGM
Mag. Lukas Baumgartner

Capacity Management

Sabina Glasner Netzzugangsmanagement AGGM
Sabina Glasner

System Access Management & Communication

Giacomo Joggerst, BSc.

Infrastructure Development

Johannes Misensky Infrastrukturentwicklung AGGM
Johannes Misensky

Infrastructure Development

Mag. Mark Staples GIS Management & Netzplanung AGGM
Mag. Mark Staples

System Access & Capacity

DI Georg Wernhart Infrastrukturentwicklung AGGM
DI Georg Wernhart

System Access & Capacity

DI Philip Worschischek

Infrastructure Development


System Access & Capacities

  • Network Access Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Coordinated network development plan
  • Long-term planning
  • Capacity calculation model
  • Network energy procurement
  • Geodata management
  • Grid access portal & services
  • Communication