MAM goes AGGM – Weiterentwicklung des österreichischen Gasmarktmodells

Mit 1. Juni 2017 hat die AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management AG die Funktion des Marktgebietsmanagers in Österreich übernommen. In dieser Funktion, die wir von der Gas Connect Austria GmbH (GCA) übernommen haben, sind wir für das Management der internationalen Fernleitungen zuständig, die durch Ostösterreich verlaufen.

Hier finden Sie alle wesentlichen Informationen zu den durchgeführten Erweiterungen der AGGM Website im Zusammenhang mit dem Marktgebietsmanager. Die Inhalte der MGM Plattform werden unverändert fortgeführt und stehen ab sofort unter folgenden Adressen zur Verfügung: oder 

Good to know 

What does MAM goes AGGM mean?

Since April 2012 the function of the MAM (pursuant to Natural Gas Act section 14) has been carried out by GCA. After performing the activities as MAM for more than 5 years, GCA hands over the MAM to AGGM. The approval by E-Control was given on 30 March 2017. This means that from 1 June 2017 onwards, AGGM will be the MAM besides its role of the distribution area manager. 

How does this impact our current BGR registration process?

It depends on how far you are with your registration process. If you have already concluded a MAM-BGR contract with GCA as MAM, your contract will be transferred automatically to AGGM (a written notification was sent to you, dating 27 April 2017). If you haven‘t concluded the MAM-BGR contract yet, you will receive the amended MAM-BGR contract after the handover. All other steps of your registration process are independent of the MAM handover (e.g. conclusion of CEGH, AGGM or AGCS contract) 

Are there any impacts on GCA as TSO due to the MAM handover?

No, this does not affect GCA‘s role as TSO.

We are already registered as BGR. Will the handover affect our BG structure or our bank guarantees related to our BGs?


We are currently looking for an active BGR that is willing to add us to one ofhis BGs. Does the handover affect the list of BGRs that are offering such a service on your bulletin board?

The companies listed on the bulletin board agreed to be listed listed further on. But of course it is the decision of the individual BGR how long he wants to offer this service. A list of all registered BGRs in the market area East will also be published further on in the section Overview/BGRs in the market area East.

Do we have to pay the balancing incentive mark-ups to AGGM, even though GCA will be the service provider?

Yes, for all imbalances for which balancing incentive mark-ups are charged and that accrue from June 2017 onwards, the mark-ups have to be paid directly to AGGM. The last GCA MAM invoices for balancing incentive mark-ups will be sent to you at the beginning of June for the period of May. 

Does it mean that AGGM will be responsible for the market balancing actions?

AGGM is the MAM, responsible for taking balancing actions on behalf and for the account of BGRs. GCA will stay as the service provider for AGGM to support the fulfilling of balancing actions. 

Does it change the nomination procedure?

No, the procedure stays the same. 

How does it change our AS2 communication?

Only the EIC will be replaced with „25X-AGGMAUSTRIA3“ (expected change in September 2017), the current AS2/AS4 connection is still valid and will not change!