Services for neighboring market areas

Balancing the gas market area in the Principality of Liechtenstein 

As part of continued liberalisation of the Liechtenstein market for natural gas, on 1 October 2016 AGGM successfully launched operations in the Liechtenstein market area, providing comprehensive services on behalf of Liechtensteinische Gasversorgung (LGV).With this step, AGGM is widening the scope of responsibilities it has successfully met over many years in the area of capacity and nomination management and gas flow control. For the first time, AGGM will provide technical balancing of market participants, a new field for the company. 

In its role as the central balancing organisation appointed with unlimited responsibility by the Liechtenstein Commission for Energy Market Supervision (EMK), LGV has mandated AGGM to provide the services listed below: 

  • Communication tests with market participants as part of registration procedures in the gas market area of Liechtenstein
  • Capacity management at the entry and exit points, including web-based assignment of transport rights to individual market participants
  • Nomination procedures for each market participant at the entry and exit points, including the required matching with adjacent grid operators
  • Technical balancing of each market participant based on individual balancing energy needs and on the control energy required to be procured for the system as a whole, including issuing invoices and credit notes for balancing energy to each market participant via web platform  

Within the immediate context of the change in systems that has taken place in the gas market area of Liechtenstein, at the operational level we are also supporting intensified cooperation between the market areas of Vorarlberg and Liechtenstein. Specifically, AGGM is procuring control energy for the market areas of Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Liechtenstein as a whole, purchasing it on the PEGAS gas exchange in the upstream Net Connect Germany market area. AGGM is also utilising available linepack in the Liechtenstein market area in order to compensate for intraday imbalances between capacity and consumption which are recognised in the overall view. The potential savings achieved through netting are expected in particular to reduce to a minimum the system costs of all participating market areas.