1st tender for the procurement of the strategic gas reserve

The first tender procedure for the procurement of the strategic gas reserve was carried out by ASGM Austrian Strategic Gas Storage Management GmbH in a market-based, transparent, non-discriminatory and public tender procedure with the following schedule.

Start of registration period:

10.5.2022 14:00

End of registration period:

18.5.2022 18:00

Start of bidding period:

16.5.2022 10:00

End of bidding period:

23.5.2022 12:00

Bid Validity Period:

24.5.2022 12:00

Confirmation of Acceptance:

until 24.5.2022 12:00

The Tender Invitation with the key data for the tender can be found here:

Dokument Tender Invitation

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the call for tenders including product descriptions and annexes are available for download here (all documents are available in English only).

Full Package of ASGM SGR tender documents

The registration of interested parties was handled via ASGM's web-based bidding platform. After successful verification of the pre-qualification criteria by ASGM, binding bids could be submitted by registered bidders on the bidding platform from 16.5.2022, 10 a.m. until 23.5.2022, 12 noon. The award decision was made by 24.5.2022, 12 noon.

The results of this tender can be found on the AGGM website.

Any questions regarding the procurement process for the strategic gas reserve can be sent to the following e-mail address: gasreserve@asgm.at.