Security of Supply

According to §18 GWG 2011 the congestion management is one of AGGM’s main tasks. AGGM guarantees security of supply by:

  • Forward-looking planning of the network system
  • The issuing of the identification of capacities in the distribution area
  • The acceptance of network access in the distribution area
  • The supply of capacities in the upstream transmission systems
  • The coordination of the maintenance planning
  • The operation of the network control
  • The acquisition of balancing energy in the market areas

Defined by the national emergency plan AGGM is ascribed a central role and is entitled with the monitoring of the situation of supply. Furthermore, the Erdgas-Energielenkungsdaten-Verordnung 2017 (G-EnlD-VO 2017) empowers AGGM to inform provider and/or balance group responsible.

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Roles of security of supply according to the national emergency plan