Network Developments Plans

AGGM’s network developments plans

The Coordinated Network Development Plan and the long-term planning are produced at least once a year to list cross-border and national investment projects for safeguarding and covering transmission capacities on a sustainable basis.

The Coordinated Network Development Plan (CNDP) focuses on the transmission system and offers information about specific national as well as cross-border investment projects within the Eastern market area. There are no transmission systems in the market areas of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, which is why these two market areas do not form part of the CNDP. In close coherence with the European planning basis of the Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) and the Gas Regional Investment Plan (GRIP), it is a general aim of the CNDP to offer an overview of the planned future network expansion to the natural gas market and provide a picture of the transport market development and Austria’s security of supply.
You can get detailed information about the current and previous coordinated netwok development plans in the CNDP section.

The long-term planning (LTP) focuses on the national distribution area with the aim of safeguarding the supply to consumers, achieving a high degree of available transmission capacity and establishing the demand in capacity for the entry and exit points to the transmission network as well as to the storage facilities.

You can get detailed information about the current and previous LTPs in the LTP section.

The network development plans LTP 2018  and CNDP 2018 are prepared by AGGM with support from market participants, upon coordination of the planning basis and the results with the transmission system operators and distribution network operators.

The results of the CNDP and the LFP are presented to the market participants at the Austrian Gas Infrastructure Developement Day, which takes place annually.