Market model adjustments as of October 1, 2022

On 01.10.2022 the Gas Market Model Ordinance 2020 (GMMO-VO 2020) comes into force. Therefore, the following areas will be restructured:

1. Registrations of market participants

  • Suppliers register at AGGM as MADAM
  • BGRs in the Market Areas Tyrol & Vorarlberg (MA-T&V) register at AGGM as MADAM
  • Users of Grid Operators register at AGGM as MADAM

Companies that want to act as suppliers or BGRs in the MA-T&V register centrally on the AGGM platform. Until now, these registrations were done via the platform of the BCOs AGCS and A&B.

Suppliers receive AT-numbers from the Clearing Entity (CE) and can thus set up supplier accounts for the separation of brands on the AGGM platform during the registration and afterwards. The assignment of a supplier account to a BGR is done via the login-area on the AGGM platform. As well as the selection of the grid operator by the supplier and its confirmation and the creation of supplier-operator IDs are done in the login area.

Companies that are already registered as suppliers will be sent access data. Current identification numbers remain valid.

Impacts of the GMMO-VO 2020 on the market participant registration


  • All BGRs must be registered with AGGM as MADAM, with CEGH as operator of the VTP in the MA-East, with AGCS as CE and must have a license from E-Control.
  • Ex-ante balancing by MAM will cease as of 01.10.2022: call-offs at the exchange, the requirement of registration and the incentive mark-up do not longer apply. Accordingly, the EEX membership, as required in the existing balancing model, is no longer necessary for the registration as BGR as of 01.10.2022.


  • All BGRs must be registered with AGGM as DAM and A&B as CE, must belong to a corresponding balancing group in the German MA-THE and must have a license from E-Control.
  • Registration takes place centrally on the AGGM platform as a one-stop-shop.
  • Activation period between issuing of license and activity: 2 working days.

2. Balancing Model

The existing separation of the balancing system in the MA-East at the transmission and distribution line will be merged into one integrated balancing system as of 01.10.2022:

  • BGRs are active in the entire MA and receive a general license by E-Control

                        - Activity levels (FL+VG+EKV) will be omitted

  • One CE per MA

                       - AGCS in the MA-East
                       - A&B in the MA-T&V

  • BG imbalances are balanced by the CE through the purchase/sale of balancing energy.

More detailed information can be found here (only available in German).

More detailed information on the new balancing model and integrated balancing can be found here.

3. Network access

From 01.10.2022, it will be possible for end consumers with a connected load of 25,000 to 300,000 kWh/h to change the allocation relevant for balancing from a daily to an hourly profile (or vice versa) once a year. This must be done by the responsible BGR in the partner portal of AGGM that can be accessed through the AGGM platform.

4. General Terms and Conditions

The changes are also stated in the AGGM General Terms and Conditions.

5. Transition phase as of 04.07.2022

All BGRs in the MA-East with the contract types FL and FL+VG must register with the CE AGCS via the AGGM platform (AGCS registration form, cash deposit and contract) before 01.10.2022, in addition to the contracts with AGGM and CEGH required for BGRs. The issued licenses remain valid and do not need to be changed.

The existing contracts with AGGM and CEGH also remain valid. The respective GTCs change, but do not need to be re-signed.


No further steps are necessary for BGR in the MA-East with contract type EKV and BGRs MA-T&V.

6. User registration BGRs MA-T&V, Suppliers and System Operators

Users of BGRs MA-T&V, suppliers and grid operators receive user credentials for the AGGM platform and need to register on the platform.

Users of BGRs MA-T&V and suppliers need to login to the platform, submit data and accept AGGM’s GTCs of platform use and the Privacy Terms and Conditions.

System Operator users

In the course of the GTCs Network the GTCs of platform use and the Privacy Terms and Conditions have already been accepted.

  • No user authorization necessary.
  • User activation for the AGGM Platform will be done for 01/10/2022 without further steps.

From 01/10/2022 a single-sign-on in the used systems is possible:

  • Capacity bookings in the AGGM partner portal AGIMOS are possible via the login area on the AGGM platform with a direct link to the module.

New users can be registered from 01/10/2022 for the platform use and AGIMOS.

Instructions User Authorization

7. Modules on AGGM platform as of 01.10.2022

The following modules are visible from 01/10/2022 according to the role (Grid Operator, Supplier, BGR):

  • Company and User data
  • Administration
    • BG/Sub-BG Administration
      • add and delete BG-members
      • create BG/Sub-BG − Opting Process
  • Supplier Account Administration
    • Request BGR-Change
    • Request new Supplier Account
  • Grid Operator Administration
    • Approval of suppliers & supplier-operator IDs
    • Download IDs
    • Data Monitor
      • Individual data of market participants (allocation, etc.) and public market area data
      • API for automatic retrieval

As of 01.10.2022 allocation data is still available on the AGGM platform, in parallel to the data monitor, who provides the new data.

8. Data exchange as of 01.10.2022

In the ZIP file you will find sample messages for data exchange:

As of October 1st, 2022, the sending of SLP forecasts according to the currently valid version of the Other Market Rules Gas 2 (SoMaGa2) will be switched exclusively to Edigas (ALOCAT 4.0/5.1 or MARSIT) via AS4.

There is also the option of processing the SLP dispatch via EDA.

9. Time schedule Cut-over on 01.10.2022

  • 30.09. 02:00/03:00pm: “new” balance groupe status is  transmitted
  • 01.10. 04:00am: last IMBNOT is sent out
  • 01.10. 06:40am: “new” allocation status is transmitted