Tasks & Goals

AGGM fulfils the duties conferred upon it pursuant to sections 14 and 18 of the Gaswirtschaftsgesetz 2011 (GWG, Natural Gas Act) and in accordance with the Energielenkungsgesetz (EnLG, Energy Intervention Powers Act) .

The distribution area manager‘s responsibilities essentially comprise network access and capacity management, gas flow control, long-term planning for the level 1 distribution system as well as crisis management in cases of congestion.

The market area manager‘s responsibilitiesessentially comprise the coordinated network development planning, the preparation of a capacity calculation model, the market area balancing and coordinated maintenance.

AGGM is an independent system operator. We manage Austria’s gas networks and play a central role – both throughout the country and across its borders – in the functioning of the gas market.

AGGM's overriding goals are to ensure the uninterrupted supply of gas to Austrian consumers and balancing and ensuring stability of the Austrian gas network.

In carrying out our responsibilities, we are making a key contribution to the sustainable safeguarding of the gas supply in the market areas entrusted to us.

Constructive cooperation and dialogue with all market participants form the basis of the efficient and successful operation of the natural gas market and supply to consumers.

AGGM is committed to non-discriminatory treatment of our contractual partners, i.e. system operators and balance group representatives.

"All market participants are treated equally if the conditions present are the same."

The integrated exercising of the two tasks, i.e. the market area manager and distribution area manager roles by one single company, i.e. AGGM, carries with it significant simplification for the market participants. Now you have one single contact entity for all issues relating to network management, access to the gas networks and the expansion to the network available.

According to the Austrian Gaswirtschaftsgesetz 2011, the market area manager and distribution area manager are required to “support and coordinate with each other in the execution of their tasks and obligations with the aim to use the market area’s entire network in a holistic, uniform and consistent manner”.